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InterVarsity's Purpose

In response to God's love, grace and truth:
The purpose of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA®
is to establish and advance at colleges and universities
witnessing communities of students and faculty
who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord:
growing in love for God,
God's Word,
God's people of every ethnicity and culture,
and God's purposes in the world.

Four Commitments

We believe that God has called and equipped Christian graduate students and faculty to be a redeeming influence among the people, ideas, and structures of the university and professions. In the power of the Spirit, we share the following four commitments:

1. Spiritual Formation

We cultivate intimacy with God and growth in Christ-like character through personal and corporate disciplines, including the rigorous study of Scripture and regular prayer that expresses our faith, love, and dependence on God.

2. Community

We gather as communities of graduate students and faculty to learn and worship, to challenge and care for each other, and to serve as a welcoming place for believers and seekers alike. We pursue ethnic reconciliation by practicing grace and truth and by promoting personal and systemic justice. We also encourage students and faculty to be active members in their local congregations.

3. Evangelism &  Service

We demonstrate and proclaim the gospel within the university and professions with love and boldness, calling all to repentance, faith, and new life in Jesus Christ. We join with God's people to serve in our communities and to extend his Kingdom cross-culturally on campus and around the world.

4. Integration of Faith, Learning & Practice

We engage in learning and biblical reflection in every area of life and seek a unity of knowledge and practice, because the God whom we worship is Creator of all. We labor to form leaders in every field who honor God's gifts and calling. We believe that the integrity of these pursuits will be a witness of his Kingdom to the academic and professional worlds.


Watch Tom Trevethan speaking about the InterVarsity Doctrine Statement at ONS 2011, or read our full Doctrinal Statement.

InterVarsity Doctrine Statement from InterVarsity twentyonehundred.

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